At Color Coded we offer the latest types of garment printing to ensure you and your company are always out there being promoted.

What types of branding options do we offer?

Embroidery – this is by far our preferred method of branding, purely for the quality of the finish and how this technique can really make your logo stand out and be noticed. However, embroidery may not be the most suitable or preferred option all the time, the type of garment being used or the size of the logo can determine the branding type. There is a one off set-up fee for embroidery, any logo that is going to be embroidered needs to be digitised for embroidery, this logo will then be stored in our machines for future orders.

Screenprint – Screen prints stand out for using a mesh screen and thick coloured inks to print a design onto a garment.

If printing garments in bulk is what you’re after, then probably screen printing will be the best way to produce them. This is a technique which requires time to set up the machine and create the screen(s) but once these are in place, the production process is rather quick.

The quality of a screen print is also hard to match. The prints are crisp, smooth and long-lasting. These are just a few of the reasons that make screen printing a preferred option by professionals in the T-shirt printing business.

Whilst there are setup charges and minimum order quantities, the price per unit can be the lowest overall.

DTG – Direct to Garment printing – is the process of printing full-colour images onto garments using top quality DTG machines. You can use this technique for any type of garment, both light and dark coloured. There is no set-up fee with this option.

Vinyl Transfer printing – Transfer printing is the process of printing your designs onto a special, transferrable vinyl material. This technique can be used on both light and dark garments. There are no set up charges, allows full-colour designs and is perfect for low-quantity orders.