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Russell 566M Men’s Fitted Stretch polo is our No.1 seller!

Russell 566M Men’s Fitted Stretch polo is our No.1 seller!

It is coming up to 3 years ago that our director of Color Coded Ltd, Chris was given a sample box from clothing manufacturer Russell. Within this was the 566M Men’s Fitted Stretch polo. Instantly Chris new this was a quality polo that would sell if promoted correctly, so how better to do this but to make this polo the main product in his branded work uniform.

Chris still wears the original five polo’s in French Navy he branded with the Color Coded logo all those years ago.

The shape is still there, if Chris’s is not!

The colour has faded slightly, however, not to the extreme of others out there and that they cannot be worn!

The quality is very much still there.

Chris purposefully wears these same polo’s when promoting these to his clients, to show them the longevity and quality within the product.

The 566M and 566F may not be the most cost effective, however, over time they will cost you less than if you went for a more cost effective option at the outset and so will actually save you money.

Overall, these polo’s will be a very good investment to you and your company.

Oh, and by the way, Chris wears these same polo’s unbranded and away from work the quality is that good!